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Position Size Calculator

A Forex position size calculator is a tool used by traders to determine the appropriate size of a trade based on various factors such as account balance, risk tolerance, and the currency pair being traded. It helps traders manage their risk by calculating the ideal position size to take on a trade to limit potential losses within a predefined risk tolerance.

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Based on these inputs, the calculator then determines the appropriate position size, usually in terms of lot size or contract size, that aligns with the trader's risk management strategy and by using a position size calculator, traders can ensure that each trade is sized appropriately to manage risk and optimize returns.

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Risk of Ruin Calculator

The cTrader Financial Calculators empower you to accurately manage risk by calculating position size in both units and lots, this tool is ompatible with all major currency pairs, simply input your data into the provided form, and it will swiftly compute your risk amount for you.


The cTrader Risk of Ruin (ROR) Calculator stands as an advanced instrument for assessing the likelihood of losses in manual or automated trading, it works by determining the probability of encountering a designated drawdown or ruin, it offers valuable insights into risk management strategies.