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The best mirror and copy trading software for cTrader

Duplikium Trade Copier

Duplikium is developed and maintained by developers to provide timely and adaptable solutions focused on the trade copying and mirror trading industry. The company is registered in Switzerland and has been operating since 2013 and is one of the best paid trade copying applications for cTrader.

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Duplikium provides a cutting-edge cloud-based Trade Copier and Mirror Trading Platform tailored for High-Frequency Trading. Our platform seamlessly manages multiple accounts and is compatible with a wide range of forex and CFD brokers worldwide, including cTrader brokers, LMax, TradingView, FXCM, and many others. No VPS is required, eliminating the need for round-the-clock software installation.

Free Plan

1 Master and 1 Slave with limitations

Paid Plan

€19 euros a month or €150 euros per year (subscription plan).


There are many tutorials for this software as well as good support.

Experience the power of cTrader and leave the rest behind.

Multi-asset trading platform, best in its class.

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cTrader cMAM (free)

The cTrader Trade Copying Software is called cMAM which we offer for Free to all users of the cTrader trading platform. It is possible to mirror one trading account's trade operations to other trading accounts where each one uses a different broker.

MT4 cTrader Copy

  • Connect an unlimited number of trading accounts from multiple brokers and cTrader profiles
  • Executing the same trading operations at the same time on multiple trading accounts
  • Copying from cTrader to MetaTrader 4/5 and MetaTrader 4/5 to cTrader
  • Advanced options for the closing of positions and pending orders
  • Powerful and high-speed mirroring engine
  • Copying one account order to multiple accounts
  • Multiplying master account orders volume and then copying to slave accounts


There is an online tutorial for this software and a large community on Telegram, but as the product is free there is limited support fromn the developer.

Trade copying software can be particularly useful for novice traders who want to learn from more experienced traders or for busy individuals who don't have the time to actively manage their own trades.