How to Build a Trading Robot in 5-minutes

November 15, 2022

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Many new traders feel that algorithmic programming to create their own specific indicators or to automate repetitive tasks is beyond their capabilities, we believe that anyone can code a cBot and we will show you how to make a simple trading robot that will open a trade using a simple moving average indicator and close with a stop loss or take profit.

“cTrader is one of the best trading platforms to learn algorithmic programming”

To complete this course you will first need to download the cTrader platform, you can do this by registering a demo account with a broker with just your name and email address, there is no obligation and you can learn to trade and code for as long as you want.


You must also understand that algorithmic programming to build automated trading systems is not the holy grail to making money, the best way to use your robots is to take away the repetitive tasks and emotions of a trader so that you can concentrate on other data analysis.

Algorithmic Trading Courses

We will show you how to write a simple moving average trading system using cTrader and Microsoft Visual Studio, take advantage of our online video tutorial and download the source code, also our free course will show you how to code Telegram alerts into any cTrader indicator for trade signals.

Open Source Martingale Trading Robot

This cTrader version of the Martingale trading system involves the initial trade doubled for every loss so that a winning bet will make up for all of the previous losses. This cBot includes a price action filter to improve the odds of winning. you can download it for free complete with source code so you can add additional features from the ClickAlgo website.

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How to Download cTrader

You will need to download and install the cTrader platform for all the algorithmic courses above, its free to use with no obligation and you will need a broker to sign up a demo account, again its all free and you can learn and trade on a demo account for as long as you need.

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