How To Convert an MT4 EA to a cTrader cBot

November 11, 2022

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If you are one of the many traders who are now looking at using the cTrader Desktop platform to trade the markets than you are probably wondering how can you get all your existing MT4 indicators and Expert Advisors to work with the new platform.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply use your existing tools without either converting them to Microsoft C# code to work on the cTrader Desktop platform.

MT4 to cTrader Online Conversion Tool

The solution is simple, for your MT4 indicators you can start by using the free online conversion tool that will convert up to 70% of all MT4 indicators, you can use this tool as long as you have the full source code, so you need the MQL file, if you have an EX4 file than the source code is locked by the author and you cannot use the online tool.

Online Tool
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We recommend that if you have an indicator that is important to you than you should have it rebuilt using a development company so that it is clean and easy to support, the conversion tool tends to convert the indicators with 100's of lines of code that is not required.

Best cTrader Coding Company

One of the leading and most trusted companies for developing your indicators and automated trading systems is ClickAlgo, they have a long track record helping customers by delivering over 1450 projects on time.

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How to Convert Expert Advisors?

If you have an existing MT4 Expert Advisor (EA) and you want to start using it on the cTrader Desktop platform, it is not possible to use the existing code or use the online converter tool, instead you will need to complete a requirements document explaining how the trading system works.

How to Download cTrader

You can download the cTrader Web, Mobile or Desktop and start trading with a demo account to practice your skills risk-free for as along as you need, once you are ready to make real money you can sign up with a live account.

Your first step to get started is to choose a broker, sign up with an account which takes a few minutes and start using cTrader Web, Mobile or Desktop.


Do You Need a Forex VPS Server to Run Your Algos?

VPS hosting offers a fast execution of trades between the cTrader platform hosted on the VPS and the customer's broker.

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