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Best Economic News Trading Tools

Trade the news before, during and after major events

DataFlash Audio News

Utilizing an audio news event tool for trading financial markets offers numerous advantages, DataFlash enables multitasking and provides crucial news updates audibly, allowing you to act swiftly and execute trades ahead of less informed traders. Additionally, certain tools notify traders via audio alerts prior to impending news events and furnish outcomes afterward.


Amidst the rapid pace of today's trading environment, individuals often find themselves inundated with an excess of information. Despite the efforts of traditional news sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters to keep pace, traders must navigate through a deluge of updates to discern significant market-moving news from mere background noise.


To use this tool you will need to pay a monthly subscription of $20.00

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Experience the power of cTrader and leave the rest behind.

Multi-asset trading platform, best in its class.

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NewsSquawk Audio News

Newsquawk delivers real-time audio news broadcasts tailored to the financial markets and it vigilantly tracks diverse data releases, global events, and pivotal news, disseminating updates audibly to traders, investors, and financial practitioners. The service's objective is to keep subscribers abreast of developments potentially affecting asset prices and market sentiment, empowering them win.

NewSquawk Audio News

  • Save time reading and skimming content - get what matters told to you as it happens.
  • The squawk runs in the background on your desktop or mobile device.
  • the audio feed is available directly on your dealerboard via our exclusive partnership with IPC.
  • All types of regular or one-off economic events covered.
  • Research sheets that cover the broad and the asset-class specific.
  • Every report available via email, headline feed or in our research suite.


To use this tool you will need to pay a monthly subscription of £174.00 + VAT

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